Simplified and accessible post production workflows for Immersive experiences.


Create Immersive storytelling tools for content creators.




We approach every challenge as artists first. We start from the ground up and develop towards long term solutions. Our first offering, Canvas 360, a script toolkit for Adobe After Effects, was the start of our work in the immersive medium. Many of the same disciplines we had acquired working in traditional film post production transferred over to 360˚ post production, with some adjustments. Canvas STK is our newest offering. We solved many Stereoscopic 360˚ challenges present with other tools on the market. Next, we are focussing on live 360˚ tracking and stabilization for live sports and mobile devices. Overall, TML is dedicated to creating groundbreaking and simplified solutions for a medium that is riddled with issues. 



history of TML:

In January 2016, a colleague asks Mike if he knows how to composite multiple 360˚ passes in

Adobe After Effects. With no viable solutions on the market, Mike starts developing what is

today CANVAS 360™. By mid-February, Mike has the basic lines of code written for VRMaker,

the beta version. By the end of March, a solid working prototype of VRMaker emerges. Word

spreads fast about his progress. He's even invited to be a guest exhibitor at NAB 2016, in Las

Vegas, as interest continues to accelerate.

In May 2016, Aden joins the team as CEO. After two successful investment rounds and a new

lab for R&D, Aden and Mike spend the next five months creating professional grade features for

the beta version 2.0, called "Maestro 360." In October 2016, they become official Adobe Tech

Partners, a dream come true for the team. With Adobe engineering and marketing support,

Aden and Mike shape the first commercial version, CANVAS 360™.

At NAB 2018, Torus Media Labs showed off the latest product addition, Canvas STK (Stereo Tool Kit). The most powerful STK available for Adobe After Effects.